Slow Cooker Thai Curried Chicken Soup

thai curried chicken soup-slow cooker

This is one of my most popular soup recipes.  Everyone who makes it absolutely loves it.  If you like thai food, this soup is for you.  And who doesn’t love a good slow cooker recipe? This soup is packed with flavor.  If you would prefer it less spicy, cut down on the curry paste.   […]

Crock Pot White Bean Soup


I don’t know about you, but I love crock pot recipes.  Especially on cold winter days when you are too cold to cook.  This is easy to prepare and what’s better than coming home to dinner ready to eat?  And its vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free too.   What’s not to love?   Print Crock Pot […]

Leftover Turkey Spinach Tortellini Soup

turkey soup

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just two days away.  I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday (next to Christmas of course).  It’s a day to spend with family and friends where you simply relax, enjoy each other’s company and reflect on everything you should be thankful for. Besides my three little monkeys at […]

Italian Wedding Soup


I know I have said this before (many times) but I really adore soup.  Especially this time of year.  And this is one of my favorite soup recipes.  Ever.  So when I dear friend of mine told me that she made the amazing Ina Garten’s Italian Wedding Soup (click here for recipe), I knew I […]

Chicken Broccoli Corn Chowder


This was one of those recipes where you just keep throwing more stuff in it, you know what I mean?  It is WAY more than just a Corn Chowder recipe, I just didn’t want to be too wordy.  I thought Chicken Broccoli Sweet-Potato Butternut Squash Bacon Mushroom Cilantro Chowder might be a little much. So […]

Lentil and Sausage Soup with Quinoa and Kale

Image 4

  Oh my goodness this soup is AMAZING!  I literally just kind of made it up as I went along.  I couldn’t stop myself, I just kept adding more ingredients and it just kept getting better and better! I think I have told you before how much I love soups, especially healthy ones.  This one […]

Fresh Vegetable Bean Soup

It’s that time of year again…I love when the weather gets crisp and cool.  This is the time of year that I make lots an lots and lots of soup Truth be told,  I eat soup any time of year.  It just seems more fun when the weather gets cooler. This is one soup that […]

White Bean Kale and Sausage Stew


Raise your hand if you love some comfort food this time of year!  Not all of our favorite comfort foods have to be loaded with fat.  Here is a perfect example. Kale seems to be the “it” green vegetable right now. Wonder why? It is packed with tons of calcium, folic acid, and vitamins A […]

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